Time to stop perpetuating what you don’t want. Nothing has meaning except for the meaning you give it.

I want to try and describe this notion that I’ve had these last couple of days..It comes in synchronicity with the Trump Election win and with my positive feelings about this result.  The people that are anti-Trump are upset that this leadership position has been obtained by one who they see as being racist, mysoginistic etc.  However.  I don’t feel like racism exists anymore.. I feel like its been cleared out of the planetary aether. I feel – If it does exist for you… it’s only because you are choosing to perpetuate it.  You are feeding it your energy in some way. We are all one.  We are all human. We humans are all part of the earth, along with the plants and animals. We are all connected. We are from the one source and are sustained from the one source. Collective conciousness understands this now. So when someone calls someone else racist.. It just doesn’t hold true for me anymore. I don’t feel it. I know this is a matter of perception.. It’s the strangest thing..  Im finding that we are in control of our individual realities and our different beliefs about what’s true/ what exists in the world.  Our beliefs simply affect our perception of the collective realityscape.  And for me, racism is dead. The elements that form the definition of racism no longer exist.  When Trump makes a controversial statement.. I just see it as him stating his perception of things. It’s nothing to do with fearing other races for their race. I understand if this notion sounds confusing to some. I feel like I no longer reside in the same dimension as the concept of ‘racism’ and therefore I can’t perceive it as a reflection in my world.  Situations that used to be called ‘racism’ have transmuted to become something different.

All of these ‘negative’ concepts such as racism, sexism, homophobia that we have given such significance to… they are simply symptoms of residual hurt and fear.  I feel like we have placed too much attention on the symptoms, thereby feeding their energy and making mountains out of molehills, while we let the core, the root of the issue stay respectably, comfortably hidden. We cannot get rid of the weed simply by chopping the top off it.. We need to dig it out from the root. And to do that we need to acknowledge the root.  The root needs to be made visible for all to see.  In some ways (for the anti-Trump camp), I believe the Trump presidency is symbolic of the shadow being brought into the light for all to see and acknowledge.. in order to change and grow. For myself and those who are excited about the Trump presidency, I get a warm and fuzzy feeling about the level of transparency and freedom that is/will be present in the government. Trump is the opposite of politically correct.  And I am so glad because politically correct has been doing nothing but harming us all these years.  Looking the part and saying the right things to lull the people into a false sense of security, all while the shadow government/cabal/deep state remain firmly in control of both sides of the chess game, creating more wars, division and further depriving the people of their freedom and right to thrive.

What we pay attention to and feed energy to, magnifies in our lives and attracts more of the same.  We as a collective people are learning this universal law.  We are learning how to be creators again.  On one level, deep down, we know we are already creators and that we manifest our life on an unconscious level consistently, using our thoughts and emotions.  Now is the time for us to step into our role as conscious, conscientious creators. It is time for us to be masters of our minds and emotions. It is the now to be Response-Able instead of unconsciously Re-Active.  To truly activate and use our latent power to create heaven on earth again. The energy streaming in to our world is supporting this shift and  the earth is nurturing our growth.  I’m ready.. how about you?





I feel like a goddess today. It is my most favourite archetype to play with at the moment. I love the sensuality, beauty, mystery, sense of wonder, sassiness, the absoulute indulgence and fulfilment of pleasure, pure bliss for the self.  I’m sharing this because I want myself and others to feel like this more often as opposed to feeling the depressed, unattractive lack of self-worth, self-disrespect and guilt, which has been an all too familiar a feeling in the past.

The goddess of pleasure has had a bad rap throughout our religion dominated history.  Thus the women who brought much joy, healing, empowerment and beauty into the world have commonly been stigmatised as witches and persecuted.  The people who dominated and controlled the masses knew that it was a dangerous thing for people to value their own right to pleasure. Having the belief that you are worthy of pleasure demonstrates…

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